Preferred Soimah, the Representative of Timor-Leste's Down in DA Asia 3


 Dangdut Academy Asia 3 (d'academy Asia 3) the Round of 30. Concert Top 30 was already started on Monday (30/10/2017) last night. Group 1 with five participants from five countries showing the action stage best to get through to the next round.

In Group 1, Brunei Darussalam lost two of its representatives in the Concert of the Top 36 and then didn't send akademianya. While Thailand are three of his deputies had been tersenggol still put Norman to face four competitors. Fortunately, the academics who praised the commentators because of his personality that charming was able to get away. This is because Norman is in the order of 4 at the end of the judging.

Accumulate 463 points, total value Norman who last night performed the song “Sekuntum Mawar Merah” this range is wide enough from the last order, Marina Neno from Timor Leste. Marina get a total score of 440 points just after his appearance through the song “Twists and turns” got a lot of correction.

The appearance of poor Marina's own regret Soimah, one of the commentators Indonesia. Soimah say Marina is the academia, which he likes because it has the eyes of a life time on the stage. Dear, the action of the Marina this time is quite disappointing. No wonder if finally, he must also be down.

Meanwhile, Indonesia leads the acquisition value for the Group 1. Champ host, Aulia d'academy 4 successful raked in a total value of as much as 524 points over a brilliant performance in the song “The Past”. Aulia flood of praise for successfully arranging the birthday song belongs to Inul Daratista with a touch of jazz. Nassar praised the cleverness Aulia in thickened and diluting his voice.

The Total value of Aulia themselves adrift wide enough to rival the weight, farez are Adnan (Malaysia), which just earned 490 points. However the points farez are also superior to much of Eriy Ryzale (Singapore) can only collect 465 points.

Appearance Eriy overnight through the song “the Weeds” are actually quite jarring stage. Mas Idayu (Malaysia) was formerly not hesitate to praise the skill and twisted dangdut Eriy. Honey, feel that he had a blank because of too nervous. Whereas the power of the vocal Eriy no less awesome than Tia DAC2 which also became the akademia in d'academy Asia 3.

On the other hand, Tia will already appear in Group 2 on the advanced Concert Top 30 d'academy Asia 3 which will take place Tuesday, (31/10/2017) later tonight. In a group this new, Tia will be competing with academics from Timor Leste, Alda de Almeida. Previously, Alda successfully outperform Gabriel d'academy Celebrityy 2 in Group 2. In addition to the Alda, there is still One Forteen (Malaysia), the Tone of the Fitr (Singapore), and Ayu Asean (Thailand). Their appearance can be seen tonight starting at 19.30 WIB only on Indosiar.


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