Indonesia is Ready to Export Poultry to Timor Leste


 Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health (Ditjen PKH) of the Ministry of Agriculture (ministry of agriculture) to discuss the export opportunities of Indonesian poultry and its products to east Timor. This was discussed in the bilateral meeting between the Director general of PKH I Ketut Diarmita with the Director General of Livestock Republic Demokrate of Timor Leste (RDTL), Joanita Dakosta Jong pad.

At that meeting, I Ketut Diarmita said, Indonesia is now self-sufficient in chicken meat, eggs and day old chicken (DOC), even a production surplus, so that Indonesia is ready to meet the market needs in neighboring countries, such as Timor Leste. “To meet the needs of Timor-Leste, Indonesia is able to compete with other countries,” he said in a written statement, Wednesday (20/12).

Said Ketut, a live chicken to be exported from Indonesia is chicken that comes from farms that have applied the principles of animal welfare and has been certified compartment disease-free AI (Avian Influenza) from the Directorate general of PKH. Such is the case with poultry products to be exported. Poultry products also have gained the support of the best food safety in the form of a Veterinary Certificate issued by the Directorate general of PKH.

Timor-Leste understand the system of compartmentalization implemented by Indonesia and agreed to immediately conduct a risk assessment (on site audit) on the business units that produce poultry products. Commodity poultry will be judged that is for chicks DOC and processed products in the form of carcass meat or other processed products.

Timor Leste will conduct import risk analysis (IRA) to farms, meat processing units in Serang, farm and processing unit of chicken meat in Surabaya and DOC final stock (FS) in Kupang in the third week of January 2018. For the initial stage, Timor-Leste will focus on the business unit of PT Charoen Phokphand Indonesia (CPI) Tbk (CPIN).

The audit will be done Government to Government. Ketut said, Ditjen PKH setting up the business unit as required by RDTL. “The results of this audit will be a material consideration to the harmonization of regulations in the RDTL, so that it will open the importation of poultry and poultry products from the State of Indonesia,” he said.


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