Eating Durian and Drinking Soda Turned out to be Safe

Durian Season arrived that traders fruit scented sharp it will be abundant in various places. It is not difficult to obtain fruit with a hard skin spiked in the ground water, moreover the price was very affordable. Different types grow in Indonesia complete with the taste as well as his trademark respectively

 But keep in mind, You should not eat the durian fruit along with drinking soda. There is a danger of its own that affect the health if You do that. Even myths call that such actions could lead to death.

Respond to it, Prof. Nuri Andarwulan, Director of SEAFAST explain about the myth of the prohibition of eating durian and fizzy drinks.

According to him, up to now indeed there has been no research specifically related to that. But the fact that the durian contains alcohol in high enough quantities it really. Even if a person is eating the fruit in large quantities then it can be mnimbulkan the reaction of dizziness and nausea.

“Durian that already contain high alcohol. Naturally fruit-a fruit is ripe it contains alcohol. For example, longan. If he is ripe and we eat too much, sometimes cause a sense of dizziness, it is because of alcoholic intoxication,” said Nuri Andarwulan as reported by the page on Wednesday (20/12/2017).

The presence of alcohol content in the fruits that are produced when the fruit towards ripen or towards the process of decay.

However if You drink soda along with eating a durian, the effect is not semengerikan myths. The origin of the number of durian consumed is not excessive, it is still safe.

“But if you eat durian 1 fruit, then drink the wine, it was indeed a bad combination,” he said.


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