Tinan 2017, Government Tau Budget Ba Social Security

Prime Minister (PM) Rui Maria de Araújo (2017) The Government has approved a budget for social security, and the National Parliament has approved the promulgation of the President of the Republic, Taur Matan Ruak, General Budget. In 2017, the debate process will focus on the social security budget.

 dehan Prime Minister (PM), Rui Maria de Araújo ba Jornalista sira iha Palasiu Prezidente Ai Tarak-Laran, Kuarta-Feira (16/11).

Ida ne'e hanesan parte husi process general budget 2017 nian no tuir plan six deskute iha loron 29 November to 9 December tinan ne'e. According to the Prime Minister's Social Security Budget, Rui has clarified that the law does not apply to the government, as well as to the private sector and the private sector, which has to implement the law in question.

“The Social Security Budget is not included in the state's civil service, but only in the case of workers (network services), so it is now in the next two categories (2) to serve in the state. As a civil servant, we do not have the law on the public sector to apply, we do not serve the private sector, we do not have workers on the law on the work we do, but now we contribute to our thinking. ” tenik PM Rui.

According to the law, in the private sector, the state has only six percent (6%) of the work done by the private sector (worker-network) and the salary does not increase, although the employer has increased by four percent. (4%), at least two workers ($ .10).


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