Timor Leste Representative Outperformed Indonesia in Top 36 DAA 3

Indonesia failed to regain mastery of the grades in the Dangdut Academy Asia 3 (DAA 3) Top 36 Concert which was held last Friday (10/27/2017) last night. The home champion must be satisfied to be in second place after being surpassed by representatives of Timor Leste in Group 4.

Gabriel Harvianto, runner up of Dangdut Academy Celebrity 2 who entered this group must admit that Alda de Almeida's performance was far better than his. Delivering the song "Bunga Pengantin", Alda appeared stunning with his high vocals.

Even though Iyeth Bustami said he was too shrill, Alda's actions actually stole the hearts of the judges. In fact, the commentator from his country, Paije, was touched and proud.

Alda finally locked the first position with a total score of 514 points or 6 points ahead of that obtained by Gabriel. Last night, Gabriel sang "End of a Story" actually also received a lot of praise. Soimah said that Gabriel was progressing quite rapidly compared to last year's DA Celebrity.

However, there is a slight correction in the facial expression and breath. Mas Idayu (Malaysia), who liked Gabriel DAA 3's voice, also criticized him for his lack of clumsiness in his appearance.

Meanwhile, the participant who had to go home this time was a representative from Thailand, Hasan Keyboard. Delivering the song "Benang Biru", Soimah praised his distinctive vocal character. However, Hasan is considered to have to study harder to be able to sing dangdut songs. Hasan himself finally only managed to collect a total value of 431 points.

This value is far below the acquisition of Nazmi Hisham (Brunei) with 455 points. Nazmi is also quite wide adrift with rank 4, Baby Shima (Malaysia) who earned 472 points. One other participant, Nor Haqeem (Singapore) successfully jumped to 3rd place with 478 points.

Saturday (28/10/2017) tonight, the Top 36 D'Academy Asia 3 Concert itself will continue with the actions of six academics from Group 5. In this group there are Nada Fitri (Singapore), Darling (Malaysia), Nora Jehmae (Thailand). , Faiz Ismail (Brunei), and Joaquim Soarez (Timor Leste), will face tough opponents, namely Fildan (Indonesia).

The competition for this group will certainly be tight. Moreover, the D'Academy 4 winner is predicted to be a strong candidate for the Asian D'Academy champion this year.

Will Fildan be able to restore Indonesia's status as the winner of the highest points in this group? And who will be knocked out of Group 5? Don't forget to watch Dangdut Academy Asia (DAA 3) tonight starting at 19.30 WIB, only at Indosiar.


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