Fast Eating Habits Can Trigger Obesity

Research results presented at the American Scientific Sessions 2017 forum revealed that a person who has a habit of eating quickly has a tendency to experience fat. Not only that, fast eating habits are also easier to make people experience metabolic syndrome.

Why it causes obesity, is due to fluctuations in rising blood sugar levels, which triggers insulin resistance.

While metabolic syndrome is known as a combination of health problems that increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke, as reported by the Independent page, Thursday (11/16/2017).

Metabolic syndrome generally occurs when a person experiences abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high triglycerides. This is a combination of health problems that triggers the emergence of chronic diseases above.

"Eating slowly and in a hurry can help prevent metabolic syndrome," said Takayuki Yamaji, MD, researcher and cardiologist at Hiroshima University in Japan.

Research conducted by the University of Hiroshima in Japan included 642 men and 441 women. They at the beginning of the study did not have the problem of metabolic syndrome or chronic disease.

Their eating habits are recorded, and classified into three groups: the fast, normal and slow-eating groups.

Furthermore, five years after the initial study, their health condition was re-examined. The result, volunteers from the fast-eating group 11.6 percent risk of experiencing metabolic syndrome.

Only 6.5 percent are normal, while slow eating 2.3 percent may experience metabolic syndrome.

The fast-eating group also experienced more waist circumference and weight gain than the other groups.

Why is that, Takayuki Yamaji explained that if a person eats quickly then he feels full for a long time and tends to eat more.

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