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IMF Team: Oil Fields in Production End by 2022

 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff team led by Miss Yu Ching Wong visited Timor-Leste from September 25 to October 6 to hold the 4th Consultation discussion in 2017. The discussion discussed the latest developments and current economic policies, as well as medium term economic prospects. At the end of the mission, Ms Wong issued the following statement: Non-oil GDP growth is forecast to moderate to 3 percent in 2017 due to low government spending and a slowdown in economic activity accompanying parliamentary elections. Inflationary pressure remains low, although inflation has returned to positive territory reflecting rising global food prices and fuel prices. " Low government spending is expected to narrow the current account deficit both fiscal and external in 2017. The final balance of the Petroleum Fund for 2016 fell to US $ 15.8 billion (about 570 percent of GDP), the second year of net reductions. The medium-term prospects for Timor Leste depend heavily

Timor Leste Representative Outperformed Indonesia in Top 36 DAA 3

Indonesia failed to regain mastery of the grades in the Dangdut Academy Asia 3 (DAA 3) Top 36 Concert which was held last Friday (10/27/2017) last night. The home champion must be satisfied to be in second place after being surpassed by representatives of Timor Leste in Group 4. Gabriel Harvianto, runner up of Dangdut Academy Celebrity 2 who entered this group must admit that Alda de Almeida's performance was far better than his. Delivering the song "Bunga Pengantin", Alda appeared stunning with his high vocals. Even though Iyeth Bustami said he was too shrill, Alda's actions actually stole the hearts of the judges. In fact, the commentator from his country, Paije, was touched and proud. Alda finally locked the first position with a total score of 514 points or 6 points ahead of that obtained by Gabriel. Last night, Gabriel sang "End of a Story" actually also received a lot of praise. Soimah said that Gabriel was progressing quite rapidly compared

Attraction of 6,000 Likurai Dancers from Belu and East Timor Wins Muri Records

The Likurai dance performed by 6,000 dancers on the peak of Fulan Fehan hill in Dirun Village, Lamaknen District, Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Saturday (28/10/2017), received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). Muri Indonesia Record Manager Triyono said, the reason his side gave the record was because the Likurai dance only existed in Belu and Malacca Districts, and the dance was performed by 6,000 dancers from two countries, namely Indonesia and Timor Leste. The award was handed over to the Belu Regent, Wilybrodus Lay and witnessed by the Minister of the Interior Tjahjo Kumolo and Indonesian House of Representatives Herman Herry during the commemoration of the youth oath day and the Fulan Fehan Festival, on Saturday. According to Triyono, MURI also appreciated the Belu Regional Government for maintaining the original culture of the local community by holding the dance. The likurai dance was staged on the top of the hill of Fulan Fehan, at the p

Fast Eating Habits Can Trigger Obesity

Research results presented at the American Scientific Sessions 2017 forum revealed that a person who has a habit of eating quickly has a tendency to experience fat. Not only that, fast eating habits are also easier to make people experience metabolic syndrome. Why it causes obesity, is due to fluctuations in rising blood sugar levels, which triggers insulin resistance. While metabolic syndrome is known as a combination of health problems that increase the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke, as reported by the Independent page, Thursday (11/16/2017). Metabolic syndrome generally occurs when a person experiences abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high triglycerides. This is a combination of health problems that triggers the emergence of chronic diseases above. "Eating slowly and in a hurry can help prevent metabolic syndrome," said Takayuki Yamaji, MD, researcher and cardiologist at Hiroshima University in Japan.

Timor Leste Makes Singapore Brush Surprise 3-1, Here's the Video

The preliminary round of Group A of the AFF Cup U-18 2017 had just finished its final match on Tuesday (12/09/17). As many as two countries won the victory of a total of three matches which took place at Thuwunna Stadium and the Aung San Stadium. Timor Leste, which is a new participating country in the AFF U-18 Cup 2017, managed to make a surprise in the final match of Group A qualification. How not, they successfully won a landslide victory 3-1 over Singapore. Great victory was also successfully recorded by Cambodia which finally recorded its inaugural victory in the AFF U-18 Cup 2017 event. Facing Laos who had never won, Cambodia successfully won 4-1. From the results of the final match of the Group A qualification for the AFF Cup U-18 2017, Malaysia and Thailand managed to ensure tickets to the semifinal round which will take place on Friday (09/15/17). The position of the top of the standings itself is entitled to be carried by Malaysia. Despite having the same colle

Tinan 2017, Government Tau Budget Ba Social Security

Prime Minister (PM) Rui Maria de Araújo (2017) The Government has approved a budget for social security, and the National Parliament has approved the promulgation of the President of the Republic, Taur Matan Ruak, General Budget. In 2017, the debate process will focus on the social security budget.  dehan Prime Minister (PM), Rui Maria de Araújo ba Jornalista sira iha Palasiu Prezidente Ai Tarak-Laran, Kuarta-Feira (16/11). Ida ne'e hanesan parte husi process general budget 2017 nian no tuir plan six deskute iha loron 29 November to 9 December tinan ne'e. According to the Prime Minister's Social Security Budget, Rui has clarified that the law does not apply to the government, as well as to the private sector and the private sector, which has to implement the law in question. “The Social Security Budget is not included in the state's civil service, but only in the case of workers (network services), so it is now in the next two categories (2) to serve in the st