Judika and Maria Vitoria Receive a Festive Welcome at the Atambua Crossborder Festival

A series of activities in an effort to bring border tourists through a music concert in Atambua, "Atambua Crossborder Festival 2017" was successfully held. Friday (1/12) night, singer Judika who performed at Simpang Lima Square, Atambua, NTT.
Judika's presence also closed the entire series of Atambua Crossborder Festival activities throughout 2017.
Just like the atmosphere at previous festivals, Judika's presence also became a big magnet for local people and tourists who deliberately crossed from East Timor. The atmosphere was even more lively with the appearance of Maria Vitoria, finalist of D'AAcademy Asia (DA) 2 from Timor Leste.
More than 30 thousand visitors packed the center of Atambua last night. "Good night Atambua. Welcome, our brothers and sisters from East Timor. Thank you for coming. Let's enjoy our brotherhood through tourism, "Judika said from the stage.
Judika performed at least 11 songs. Like "Not a Gombal Flirt", then followed by 10 other songs namely "Until You Become Mine", "Until the End", "Jass", "Mapala", "Half Breath", "Go Early Morning Home", "Not He", "I Was Hurt" and "Maumere".
Judika's appearance was then closed with the song "The Pain Here", a duet with Maria Vitoria. After Judika got off the stage, Maria Vitoria continued her performance. The woman who is familiarly called Marvi appeared at the end of the event. The five songs, namely "The Earth Is Hotter", "Nirmala", "Listen", "Despacito" and "Mira Santika".
large crossborder music concert in Atambua," Marvi said on stage.
He said, so far the people in Timor Leste always look forward to the Atambua Crossborder Festival 2017. According to him, the festival was a very interesting treat for the people of Timor Leste.
I am a representative from Timor Leste very happy with the holding of this festival, "said Marvi.
As is known, throughout 2017 the Belu District Government which is fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism has several times presented the "Atambua Crossborder Festival". Rows of the best musicians of the country and local musicians and musicians were presented.
Mario G Kalu, Type-X, Emerald, Chocolate, and also Slank, are rows of names presented at the festival.
The Indonesian Ambassador to Timor Leste, Sahat Sitorus who also attended the event said that this program was not only for Indonesia, but also for Timor Leste.
 The language is the same, so indeed from the past Timor Leste and NTT were brothers. So now we are still brothers, "said Sahat Sitorus.
This is evidenced by the large number of East Timorese people who are enthusiastic about the series of Atambua Crossborder Festival 2017. Not to mention other events that are also of interest to the people of Timor Leste.
 Involving people at the border for Indonesia's development and also involving neighboring countries including Timor Leste which is very potential to support the progress of our tourism, "he said.
The same thing was said by Belu Regent, Willybrodus Lay. Since it was first rolled out, the Atambua Crossborder Festival has become a mandatory agenda for tourists. Especially East Timorese people.

He said the "Atambua 2017 Crossborder Festival" series did not only make Atambua a festival city. But more than that, raising Atambua is increasingly known. Massive news coverage introduces Atambua as one of the parts of Indonesia with its rich natural and exotic culture.

As the official event of the closing of the 2017 Nusantara Crossborder Festival series, Belu Regent Willybrodus Lay gave souvenirs of Belu typical woven cloth to the Indonesian Ambassador to Timor Leste Sahat Sitorus and Head of Tourism Promotion Division of the Ministry of Tourism Ni Putu Gayatri. It also carried out a joint port of Tihar and fireworks attractions.
Deputy of Archipelago Tourism Development and Marketing, Ministry of Tourism, Esthy Reko Astuti said, the cross border program is very important for Indonesia to work on. Because, the percentage of foreign tourists (foreign tourists) across borders in various countries is very large.
He also considered border tourists can be obtained relatively easily and quickly.

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